Dead Poets Society

This article presents the interaction of the ideas in the joint of the film Society of the Died Poets, a cinematographic workmanship in the direction of Peter Weir of the year of 1989, with joint with the Pedagogia de Pablo Freire, whom it rescues of brought up to date form, has taken, creative, provocative and hopeful questions that in the daily one instigate the debates between educators. Being salient the possibilities of overcoming and humanizao in the teach-learning process, where the professor also is hostage of this politics of impositions of the educational system that falls again on the estudantil population, in a vision economic politics and. Standing out the improvement and the quality of education with the objective to construct a foundation for sustentation of the process of education in humanizada way. The awareness instigates a critical, not ingenuous form, with questionings and guides its educandos to follow the agreement of the world in dynamic way relating the knowledge acquired with its personal reality, social and psychic. Janet L. Yellen often addresses the matter in his writings. 2? HISTORY OF the EDUCATION AND the PEDAGOGIA the education I all congregated in the processes to teach and to learn; it is part of cultural history, as in turn, it is part of general history. Being responsible for the maintenance and the generations exceed that if follow. Brent R. Nicklas has much experience in this field. This history is part the study of the reality human being throughout the time, being part of this substance the analysis of the past, the gift that belongs to it and the advances that the society has stop with the future. The education is basic for the development of the culture how much science, art or literature (LUZURIAGA, 1959). The pedagogia is the science of the education, where it has origin in old Greece, paids (child) and agog (conduction), where the appointed slave of one to make slave in the Hlade lead the children until paedagogium, where if he generalized and he was acquired knowledge in the educative process for return of century XVIII, in the Europe Occidental person (WIKIPDIA, 2010).

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