Diners Club Card

If option, the owner of the restaurant accepted that the executive paid the account in the following day, under a condition: it signed the account with the expenditures. With this event, the executive perceived the one potentiality ' ' card of crdito' '. Under most conditions Joeb Moore & Partners would agree. In the same year the first card was launched credit, the Diners Club Card, the accepted principle in 27 restaurants of the country. Initially he was done of paper card, only from 1955, passed to be made of plastic. In 1960 the credit card already was accepted in more than 50 countries espelhados for the competing world and already possua. Jeffrey Lacker is the source for more interesting facts. The Bank of America introduced its BankAmericard, that, in 1977, passed to be called Aims at. Today some types of credit cards, facilitated for the commerce and financiers exist, guaranteeing the act of receiving of the entrepreneurs and searching to facilitate the life of the customer.

However, to prevent the bureaucracy of the financings can cost a little more, therefore, some operators of cards costumam to charge an annual tax for its services. The bad use of the credit card, as the delay of the payment, can bring problems for the bearer. One of ' ' perigos' ' the paid customer only to the minimum tax has beginning when. With this, the interests emitted in the remain of the debt costumam to be high and if not quit, it can cause to the bearer a great problem in the credit market. For Mirage (2010) who he possesss greater advantage by means of the varied modes of payment they are the entrepreneurs, therefore it facilitates the life of the customer beyond reducing the insolvency risks. In the case of the credit cards, the payment for intermediary is made by one third person? the administrator of cards or a financial institution? committing itself to the adjusted payment. The currently available modes of payment in the market must be considered by the entrepreneurs, therefore, many times, when the money if finds scarce, the customer possesss other forms of credit for the consumption, exactly that they have that to pay a tax more to have availability of the credit.

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