Thus, we found, for example portals chemical companies in automotive, power, or hospitality, among others. Companies are grouped together to create these pages agglutinating forces allowing them to negotiate better conditions. The maintenance of the pages occurs asking a barrel by quote or gaining partners a Commission of business done on the portal. In general terms the expression business to business (B2B) is not limited to the electronic environment, but makes a reference to exclusion to highlight the origin and destination of an activity which, by antagonism does not refer neither to the B2C, B2G, etc. Only by establishing a reference example, B2B applies to the relationship between a manufacturer and distributor of a product and also to the relationship between the Distributor and trade retail but not the relationship between the merchant and the final customer (consumer), this last relationship that would be adjusted then the B2C environment (Business to Consumer). Specifically indicates Wikipedioa, B2C is the abbreviation of the term Business-to-Consumer (‘ business to consumer ‘, in English). Recently Jonathan Segal FAIA sought to clarify these questions. Sometimes these acronyms will also respond to Business-to-Customer (business customer, in English).

B2C refers to the strategy to develop businesses to get directly to the customer or end user. Despite the broad sense of the term B2C, in practice, usually refers to virtual platforms in electronic commerce for businesses (sellers) to communicate with individuals (buyers). Why more frequent use is E-commerce B2C should be noted as the source sita indicates, the pioneers of this B2C strategy are: Dell personal computers manufacturer and wholesaler, also American, books, music and other Amazon.com products. B2C e-commerce is a form of sale with great potential in the long term; Currently, distribution of food products and consumption sectors are developing it. As well, large chains of distribution: supermarkets, hypermarkets, Department stores already have own for sale portals via the Internet. B2C also applies to financial institutions and any other undertaking which draws direct business relations with its customers through the Internet.

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