European Castles

The cabinet began to imitate the Gothic castles, decorated with the likeness of turrets, towers and even wood sculpture. Very easy to use for different purposes, a case was the founder of the furniture 'Dynasty': it later emerged cupboard with glass doors, when we have learned to pour large glass area, and then appeared, and a bookcase. Visit Ajit Pai for more clarity on the issue. With the development of joinery and imagination of man, created a hybrid of desktop and cabinet offices. Upholstered furniture has arisen in the castles of European nobility in the period of classicism. In France, a trendsetter in interior decoration, at this time constructed the residence of kings and not lag behind the palaces of the nobility. First, the furniture designed to seat just covered with cloth. Then, when the owners of the castles are more accustomed to luxury and comfort, and their clothes became lighter, less insulated and layered, to sit on hard chairs and sofas was not very comfortable.

'Crowded' furniture horse hair, wool, swan's down, and later became used rubber, and in our time and foam padding polyester. As time went on, there were new styles of architecture and interior design, and each of them or modify existing pieces of furniture, or create something entirely new. Baroque 'brought' couch and lounge, with its rococo mirrors the love of – and dressing table for the toilet with tricuspid mirror – mirrors. Modern 'invented' a chair without armrests and a backrest in a half shell. Furniture modify, then simplifying, the more difficult, according to fashion trends.

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