Indicator Sofa

The main thing – the complete absence of sharp angles (this As for all children's furniture). Very comfortable and functional furniture and transformation. Sofa – "transformer" can be converted into bunk beds, a cot for babies 120×60 cm – in teen size 190×90 see often in children buy room sofa bed (a sofa). It is also a kind of transformers, since the growth of children's bed can be increased. The most convenient mechanism for transforming children's sofa or couch – roll out and its variants ("sofa", "cascade" and others).

The principle of its action consists in bringing the plane of a sofa, the place is in the unfolded state are put pillows (the higher the growth of children, the more pillows). This solves the problem of sleep sofa children for many years, because it is conveniently arranged and preschoolers and adolescents. Some children's sofas are arranged not "away", and "forward" (varieties layouts with hidden under seat mechanism), and may not be folding. The most common sleeping place for children has been and remains an ordinary bed – half the adult double bed. The bed can be located separately from the main furniture along the wall or window and the "inside" her. It is widely distributed version, where the bed is part of the child "wall", and the child is asleep, surrounded by cabinets and shelves. Is this good or not – you decide. It is best to buy a bed of lumber and plywood.

Natural wood (pine, alder, etc.) in the solid parts of the bed is the key to your child's health. If you liked the bed with a base of particle board, ask the seller appropriate health certificate and make sure that the stove does not emit formaldehyde (the indicator should go to zero – E0). The mattress is also desirable to select a padded top and filled in with natural materials. In extreme cases, suitable and environmentally friendly plastics, such as polyurethane (PUR) foam for filling. Make sure that none of the components of the bed did not cause allergies in children. All modern children's beds have one or more boxes for bedding. In addition, the bed is often accompanied by extra bright pillows and even soft toys.

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