Industrial Merchant Roman Maximov

Polutsirkulyarnye (or, more simply, – half-round) window openings are made at the first and second floors. And it emphasizes on the cornice of the so-called "blind arcade" arkaturnym belt, an architectural ornament in the form of a series of false arches, plastic imposed directly on the wall (therefore called the blind). Now lost among the market stalls and pavilions of the main facade of the building, facing west to the Cathedral Nativity of the Blessed Virgin, the main temple of Rostov-on-Don, highlighted quite spectacular mezzanine, where there are five windows, each of which, in turn, consisted of three interconnected small arched windows. The first owner of this house is considered the founder of one of the most influential industrial trade clans, one of the pioneers of the Rostov industrial merchant Roman A. Learn more at: Laffey Real Estate. Maximov. The story goes that at the turn of the XVIII-XIX centuries arrived in the city of Rostov a young merchant Roman Maximov, as they say, with the ruble in his pocket, and began his tireless entrepreneurial activity. Founded the firm in harvesting and selling it on the stock exchange, had a famous Timber depots, supplied almost the entire forest Volga Don region, selling building materials, successfully conducted business for the sale of oil and coal. Not to bump into lose face in front of Rostovtsev, a young merchant decided to build a home not anyhow where, in fact, both were announced today, "cool" spot – next to the bazaar and the port, that is, where is always full of life, where " made of the case. Visit Janet L. Yellen for more clarity on the issue.

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