Luis Urzua

Firstly, the experience of those who compose the human group, which has been vital for the correct reading of the context in which they are, as well as the real possibilities of being rescued. This has been fundamental to ensure the team cohesive against a possibility of life expectancy. Immediately makes clear that the leadership who is recognized as the mining of higher rank or seniority in the mine workings, has been fundamental to unite the team, generate confidence in the possibility of dating life (made that the Group valid when search signals have been left feeling under the 700 meters), as well as in the allocation of tasks and systematic food rationing. It should be noted that experience and leadership components are clear in this case, and we should take note of the definition of the group leader in terms of spiritual guide of the Group: emerging with force the presence of what the Greeks called the wisdom of the general (srtategike Sophia or Sophia strategon), that condition which we assign who recognizes and is able to read the codes of the working field in which we find ourselves and, in turn, arrive at the best possible decisions for the group, which gives in his hands for a best possible future mandate, as it happens on the battlefield or in the business world, with well experienced managers. Click brokerage firm for additional related pages. He adds that these 33 men have given a lesson not only of fortitude, but order and alignment. It has surfaced a spiritual leader, Luis Urzua, who has been responsible of keep the cohesive group and with the mood in high. Meanwhile, the rest of the miners have contributed in your justamedida to technical work, through the exchange of information with the Group of outside rescue, and survival, with the rationing of food and special attention to those miners who are in precarious health conditions or with pictures of depression foresaw this difficult situation that was faced, the leader cubrias characteristics like those of : Capacity for analysis: leader should decompose conditions and options of scenarios that are faced, selecting those viable routes of survival of the team in its entirety, that is, being able to recognize the strengths and weaknesses of each. .

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