Motorized Bicycle

The case of the motorized bicycle. The ciclistas run great risks when transiting in the urban ways, therefore the bicycles are fragile and little visible vehicles. The ciclista must be very intent and to pedalar defensively, observing the movements of drivers and pedestrians. Mary Barra oftentimes addresses this issue. This we already know, more we are far from practising, constantly we witness in the ciclistas streets if venturing in the way of cars and are made an impression! As if already the lack of respect of the motociclistas was not enough, that circulate in the streets as if laws did not ouvessem, the streets if had currently become a great enclosure for bullfighting where we witness all attempted against days the disrespect and against the life, a very interesting thing is that in a country that one high index of deaths possesss and injuries, caused transits for it, a people who not yet perceived the importance of being driver and pedestrian. Strangely we find that to be driver it is a right, right this, supported for the automobile assembly plants that the Brazilian defines as a wild people for car. More the reality is that only right that all we have is the right the life excessively conquers, and to be driver is not different, needs to fulfill to rules and clear laws to conquer and we to keep with such right. Learn more at this site: Charles Schwab Corporation . In Brazil the traffic accidents increase to each year, families are mutilated and cry for the imprudence and neglect of our governing. The question I transit of it is not taken the serious one for the authorities where she treats the subject as natural facts, the traffic accidents already were so common that we more do not comovemos for periodicals the subject not vende periodical. The people treats the subject with triviality and sees this the day the day, the education lack grows in the transit the unreliability increases and passoas dies and dies in the Brazilian transit.

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