National Institute

When we speak of a hospital information system of this nature, we must be careful in the approach that we want to give, since the diversity of fields that are involved is very broad and all delicate cases because all topics in a manner directly or indirectly will be reflected in the attention of patients and thereby in the efficiency of health systems. For our case, the first focus is administrative control of registration and patient care. Also in this field must specify will if refer to area external consultation, outpatient, emergency room, hospitalization or referenced. We will begin by commenting on the topic of external consultation of a medical institution or Government involvement identified as National Institute hospital. Patient selection when a person requires to be attended for the first time in this type of Hospital is necessary: efficiently inform patients and relatives appointments the patient assess the patient develop first card make medical history These 5 steps before it is assessed the patient through a consultation with a physician specialized and sometimes supported by a series of laboratory or imaging studies.

Results obtained and made the valuation can be decided by the following: patients informed. Assess patients make medical history register the person as a formal National Institute patient, assigning it a no record, prior study economic partner to determine the level of the quotas of recovery that apply you each that recourse to the Institute to any consultation or service. Refer the patient to another medical institution, given that the symptoms should be addressed in another institution. Returning to his home. The study socio-economic consists of measuring a series of variables of income and financial expenditures of the patient and persons living with him, characteristics of your home and if you have social security services or doctors with any other institution, thereby defines various tariffs that can be applied, it may be from leave it exempt from payment to be charged the higher rate, as compared to the cost of other types of medical institutions will be cheaper.

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