We need to thank our masters for having many times said such phrases that seem ready, but that if to analyze, we will infer that they possess and make very feeling in the construction of what we are and of professionals who we today want to be. Our professors insconsciente or had conscientiously planted a desire of wanting to alar bigger flights with such morphemes, fonemas, frasais structures and everything more than is turned in the constitution of the Portuguese language, attacked for some in relation shunting lines of the cultured norm and on the other hand as instrument of the preconception that excludes the layers lowest of the population, kept out of society them for not only dominating lingusticos standards withheld by the traditional and cultured minority in the letters of the language verncula. One of the authors who defend the masses is Bagno (1999) in its called book Lingustico preconception: as it is, as one becomes. Bagno landmarks in many speeches badly are interpreted by ordas of gramatiqueiros that only enxergam the excellency of the language with its appositive and vocativos exculpatory hierarquizadores and, which do not perceive the variation of the language in its verbal aspect. However, Bagno also assumes a prejudiced position and exculpatory when it speaks in levelling of the language, which excludes from its speech more the scholars in an analogous relation, therefore the such ' ' nivelamento' ' it is conceived, imagined as one ' ' empobrecimento' ' of the language and not an acess environment to the common good for less the most supplied linguisticamente saying to the advantages offered for the language mother. Contact information is here: Charles Schwab Corporation . At a first moment it is necessary to understand that we professors or lingustas, as better classifying in them, must carry through an education that is not exculpatory, and in this attempt of not exclusion, make the pazes between the variants and the cultured language, therefore they coexist at some moments of the daily one.

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