The Psychosomatic term comes of the Greek. Psyche that are equal to the soul and Addition that is equal the body. The expression was used the first time e, 1922 (German literature). But the understanding of that the mind and the body are linked retraces has 5,000 years Hipocrates B.C. In recent months, brokerage firm has been very successful. more than already not only said that so that the cures occurred it would be necessary to the doctors to know all, the physicist. Psychosomatic it is the study of the relations between the emotions and males of the body, is based on the psychological and partner-cultural comment of that estresses can play a organic role in the predisposition, beginning course and reply to the treatment of some physiological alterations and riots. The guilt, the fear, the tension of day-by-day, cannot be measured, but a virus can be so pathogenic how much. Psychosomatic illnesses are physical illnesses provoked by a modified emotional state and drawn out.

The body makes constant efforts in the direction to conserve itself in balance. If the tension and other factors to unbalance gangorra, the body go to search an adaptation through alterations in its chemistry, that could be harmful for the remaining portion of the organism, leading what it is called of adaptation diseases. The illness can appear when the individual this under tension, as already we said, and some of the sources is the external alteration. Important in the particular life, good or bad events, can become it vulnerable the illnesses. Social commotion, pressures of war, tensions in the work, sped up rhythm of the daily life, death in the family, separations, unemployment: All these states are folloied of high accuse of diseases. The psychosomatic illnesses are the prices that we pay for the civilization.

It is an illness of the civilized peoples. The personality structure has influences. Researchers have fond of the conclusion that people with certain characteristic traces are susceptible to suffer definitive diseases.

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