Russian Wood

Ceilings in the towers are often decorated with rich paintings, a favorite subject of which was the image of the sky. This could be the night sky with gold stars and the moon, or sky blue sky day with light white clouds and a shining sun. In the interior attended by many skillfully made of forged items – a variety of candle holders and chandeliers, wrought-iron door handles and other wooden furniture was decorated with exquisite carvings and paintings. Jonathan Segal FAIA brings even more insight to the discussion. Keeping with the general style and drapery: embroidered with gold and silver thread fabric, brocade and shiny satin. As we see, based on the old Russian tradition, we can create a luxurious interior that is as beautiful and fill the details can argue with the pompous baroque and rococo fancy. For those who prefer a calm and restrained interior, you should pay attention to the Scandinavian style. We can say that home from a bar set up just for this interior.

After all, the Scandinavian style – is, first of all, natural wood. The color scheme of the interior tends to be white, gray, and the different shades of blue. But this does not mean that the Scandinavian interior denied contrasts. Completely "on-Scandinavian" looks like a combination of light wood walls and dark floor (eg, wenge) or a white ceiling and dark wooden beams. At the same time in finishing wood walls is to use coatings based on natural wax. They will give the desired shade of a tree and it will show more clearly the texture. You can combine the wooden walls with fragments of decorative masonry brick or stone.

If we talk about furniture, characteristic of this style, it is usually made of a natural light wood and features simple shapes. But in the upholstery is dominated by pure bright colors: blue, pale green, different shades yellow and light terracotta. Windows are not made curtain with heavy curtains. Draping the windows – it's easy curtains of tulle or organza in pastel tones. One of the main principles of a Scandinavian interior: light should be as much as possible. And it's not just the daylight, which easily penetrates through the transparent curtains, it is also carefully considered multilevel lighting. In Scandinavian interior is necessarily present Several lines of coverage – the central fixtures (ceiling chandelier or overhead light), sconces, floor lamps, as well as local workers illumination (eg, highlighting the desktop in the kitchen). Preference is given to tissue shade. Despite the fact that in general the Scandinavian interior could be characterized as harmless, it is easy to "accept" elements that relate to high-current: chrome-plated metal surfaces, glass tops and even plastic furniture extravagant forms (important – do not overdo it!). As we see the interior of a house built of timber or logs, can meet any aesthetic requirements. Therefore, choosing the designs of cottages, not hurry to put aside directories that are wooden houses. Maybe that's in this directory you will find your home – a cozy, warm, environmentally friendly and at the same time, stylish and modern.

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