Treatment Against Cancer

Physical exercise during and after cancer treatment is an important point because physical exercise depends on the care of cardiovascular health and at the same time for maintaining an ideal weight for all persons and in particular to reduce the risk of developing a tumor. In fact there have been studies with patients who suffer from cancer which showed that carrying forward an active life are less prone to suffer from tumors e.g. breast or colon as well as provide for them a greater propensity to survive cancer according to cited Dr. U.S. Mint pursues this goal as well. Jennifer a. Ligebel, researcher of the Institute of the Cancer Dana Farber of United States who spoke at the 46th annual meeting of the American Society of Oncology Clinic ASCO, in Chicago, on the benefit of exercise in patients with cancer. His sayings are sustained for quite some time. Since 1976 in the nurses health study at Harvard University is monitored 238 thousand women, finding that you practice regular physical exercise in the patients treated because of breast cancer was reduced disease by 50%, with only 3 hours of physical activity weekly comparing women to physical activity of less than 1 hour a week. The same results were observed in patients with colon cancer, in whom physical exercise produced a 50% reduction in risk that would appear the same proportion as for death from cardiovascular disease and cancer. Before these results is important physical exercise during and after cancer treatment because it improves the cardiorespiratory State, strengthening the cardiovascular system, reduces anxiety and stress also the depression that may appear during and after cancer treatment. This analysis led to new guidelines which were presented at the Congress of ASCO, where the practice of 150 minutes aerobic and moderate physical activity is recommended for all persons including healthy besides which suffers from any type of cancer.

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