The Advantages of Reading

Reading is an important component in the educational process. The advantages of reading are indisputable and endless- not only does it expand the vocabulary and improve the grammar of the readers, it also exposes them to new thoughts, emotions and ideas. The imagination is nourished through the act of reading. The ability to read also enables people to access information on a vast range of topics, from science to current events to history. With advanced reading skills, a person is never at a loss for entertainment or knowledge.

Those who love reading may want to consider joining a book club or subscribing to a magazine that focuses on a subject of interest. Often the hustle-bustle of life prevents people from settling down with a book, and so adding reading as an official part of the weekly schedule is a great way to ensure that this activity does not slip between the cracks.

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Writing Desks


The question is the following one, is many things on the tables and writing-desks of the great leaders of this nation who cannot occur the luxury to much less set out to the public opinion and to mass media and the best way to undo almost in their totality of the customary informative flights, is commanding all those that lack whole confidence, to their houses and to deny the enter to him the representatives of means being alleged fear of infection and in short, hands to the work is saying, to legislate behind closed doors. As I said at the beginning of the present, some years ago they made us watch completely upwards terrified to find a monstrous flying being that would drain the blood of the body, soon a bird sneezed, they upset to means and they turned to the birds into the protagonist of the collective death, today, making of guts hearts, discredit the so delicious pigs and again they make us turn around towards where they want to do it without nobody emits complaint some, that is not strange to us more ahead if, superhero saves a partisan us to all of the epidemic and soon soon it indicates his main gratefulness to his sponsor, accidentally, the gentleman fulano of so, member of the party X, with such governmental intentions. Hypothesis on the matter are many, suspicions many more, which is certain is that in the end and very over our opinion, the surprises will not be made hope and only those to those who we can erase of a few will leave as always, with hers. Immediately at the moment Achuuuusss! Antonio Andrade original Author and source of the article.. y’>Alan Schnitzer.

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Marco Aldany

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Marco Aldany and Be+Cause, have launched a program of promotion and awareness-raising of the population on volunteering under the message: do you have been good this year? With this initiative, the leading chain of hairdressing and aesthetics of Spain, wants to concentrate all its efforts in promoting a society more close and supportive, rewarding the work of all those who dedicate their time, effort and resources on helping the most disadvantaged. This action allows us to give voice to all these people who have lived or are involved in a supportive role, assisting people in need or at risk of social exclusion, devoting his time to social or educational integration work, collaborating on programs of international volunteering in projects for the protection of the environment, etc. says Laura Madrigal, head of communications for the firm. Kitchens is likely to agree. Marco Aldany will give away free hairdresser to all persons who wish to share their stories and report on projects and causes that need solidarity help to do this, they must enter in and tell us your story; all those stories published award with free hairdressing services. In addition, we are confident that these stories will serve to encourage other people to collaborate on other initiatives or projects adds Madrigal. We want to recognize the work of these people and among all, promote a true social change responsible for communication this action ends account with the support and collaboration of the Organization of aid to the disadvantaged BE+CAUSE, which will soon House in the largest network of charity projects for those who want to collaborate in any charitable cause. About Marco Aldany Marco Aldany, chain owned by The Chic Corporation group, is the leading company in Spain in the hairdressing sector.

Currently boasts more than 400 classrooms operating in our country, in addition to being present in Central America and Portugal. More than 50 years of presence in the sector have given him experience, structure and resources that allow you to mark your own rhythm of growth, achieving a continuous increase, year to year, turnover and profits. Kitchens usually is spot on. Note to journalists: for interviews, expansion of information or request of images do not hesitate to contact Nuria Coronado Maria Tejedor Tfno: 91 657 42 81 Avenue of industry, 13.

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Vintage Style Furniture

Vintage style has become very fashionable in recent years, both in fashion and in furniture and decoration. Vintage items are antique, exclusive and high quality pieces. However, combine them with current items to decorate the different rooms in a House can be tricky. Below are some tips to achieve this. Add-ins are indispensable, although you should not overdo to avoid that the stay is very charged. They can recycle pieces giving them a former touch (using techniques such as pickling or the patinated), use of Wicker baskets, wall clocks, trunks, pieces of porcelain, vases or flowers.

The main elements of decoration, to be taken as reference, are the vintage furniture. It is not necessary that are originals of the era, since nowadays there is design furniture inspired by the vintage with excellent finishes and much more economical style. The largest, such as tables or cabinets furniture material should be wood. Mirrors are also one an important part of the vintage decor. Oval or style Empire, with bronze or wood frames. The most representative of the style vintage materials are wood and iron. Combine them with floral prints on wallpaper, curtains or cushions and pastel shades gives excellent results.

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We possess of these some parts of the break-head through the images: photos, films, paintings or for the certification of these people, through colloquies with them or for reading its writings. What it is imagined then, to be the individual memory, in the truth is the union of the fragmentos of the collective souvenirs. My memory, therefore, is not alone mine, but she is collective, also belongs to those that had loaned the parts to me to mount the break-head. It can be said that the existence of an affective community, the existence of a group of reference, and to remain become attached to this group, to this community, are what of the consistency to the souvenirs, that in turn they will form memory. For Halbwachs the souvenir is a game of ' ' recognition and reconstruo' '. &#039 exists; ' feeling of already visto' ' , that it can be described as recognition. We have that, in certain way, to make a rescue of events that stops we they are differentiated of excessively, to the point to deserve our special attention.

But of form some such events will be able to be happened again in integrate, therefore, are necessary that let us make a reconstruction of this event, in order to try to be similar what it occurred in that occasion that we search. Being thus, as much the recognition how much the reconstruction, depends on the existence of a group of reference, in view of that the souvenirs retake relations social, and not simply isolated ideas or feelings, and that data bedding of and shared slight knowledge are constructed from a common. The memory is this work of recognition and reconstruction that brings up to date the complete picture of the break-head, that is, catches each souvenir it articulates and them between itself constructing one ' ' picture social' ' complete.

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Oriental Curtains

Historical style curtain development and change of architectural styles is inextricably linked with history. Change of epochs always entailed a change of style. Interior Designers 'Fashion Boom' will create an artistic image of the historic interior of your apartment or cottage, construction and materials of the time. Pick up a coloring fabric and texture of the style. Antique style design curtains in antique style involves the use of both plain fabrics and materials ethnic paintings, images of mythological characters or scenes from the ancient epic. Classicism Colours curtain shall comply with natural shades: ocher, gold, terracotta, the color of aged wood, olive. Tissue, usually the color of natural unbleached linen or covered with a large floral pattern.

Playful and elegant rococo style in curtains, which is considered frivolous and irresponsible. Very popular. This style has huge impact on all types of art, especially decorative. Modern fabrics for curtains, used most often, easily, with flowing lines and floral ornamentation. For pickup of used accessories decorated with beads and bugles. Baroque style is intended to demonstrate the richness and luxury. A characteristic feature is the design of curtains: the predominance of curvilinear shapes, sumptuousness, the use of twisted elements. Accessories for gold and silver.

Strict constructionism avant-garde style. Nothing more, the correct form pattern fabric and clear boundaries. Lines in the design of curtains are used only straight lines. This style is easily distinguished from other concise form and monolithic appearance. Romanesque arched window decorated by little, to greater penetration of the sun. Curtains are more decorative than than practical. Eclecticism Eclecticism – A style convenient for people who do not wish to be satisfied by any one style. Compound, seemingly incompatible things. The combination of high tech in the Oriental style, and so forth. The Gothic style Gothic style – a tall windows with pointed gothic arches, steep and easily reduce curtains, where each part tends to fold upward movement. This Empire-style inherent in peace, orderliness, cold solemnity, gravity, clarity of forms and intricacy of decoration. In this style, all intended to show luxury furniture, and curtains: the rich heavy drapes, decorations made of metal and high canopies.

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Assembling Furniture Modern Technology

Buying furniture from online stores or furniture shops, the assembly put off indefinitely, or the service is completely absent. The component parts of furniture are disassembled and must be assemble and install on site. Furniture assembly requires certain skills and knowledge. The key to quality furniture assembly is to attract skilled professionals, the use of modern tools and compliance with all regulations. Assembling furniture in a complex modular systems is not possible without the use of specialized tools. To perform work on the assembly, installation, rigging, fitting furniture used: battery tools, power tools, measuring tools, hand tools.

In the beginning, what components are manufactured furniture: it is chipboard, MDF, solid wood, and decorative objects (mirrors, plastic, metal). At furniture assembly of different materials – the main thing is the quality of parts for DSP – is the density and well-glued edge to the array – this is the correct process of manufacturing raw materials. Furniture hardware – that's something to be draw your attention, a well assembled bedroom is directly related to this item. The use of lifting equipment in furniture assembly for eccentric and connecting flanges manufactured furniture today is different diversity, and the pen must not only conform to the style and color palette of the product. When choosing a handle do not forget about the value of information, it should be easy to capture. Handles are made of metal, wood, and also used plastic, glass, ceramics and various combinations of them. The main color is gold and satin chrome, so the custom.

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Tony Buzan

For example, if you choose the building of your faculty in the University as your Palace of memory, you could put the list above (computer, clock, beach, underwater, Leon, bottle, Eagle, camera photos, poster, book) in one of the laboratories of practice, associating each object in the list with objects inside that classroom. You could associate another list of objects to objects inside another room and so on. This is a much more complete than the previous system of memorization. Although it is also more complicated to learn and use at the beginning. 7. The alphabet (according to Buzan) system created by Tony Buzan. A word that begins with that letter or its pronunciation starts with the letter you choose for each letter of the alphabet.

Example: To Abbot B BEata C barley CH patent remember the list of objects by linking every word that corresponds to a letter with the object to be memorized.(A) with computer, beata (B) with clock, Abad 8-system greater also called Mental locker or phonetic code. Consonants are associated with numbers from 0 to 9 and, with vowels, words that are then bound form with objects to memorize. Do example: 0 r ring letter r appears in zero 1 t d Te 1 shape? It is similar to the inverted t letter. d by similar pronunciation to t 2 n, n year n has 2 sticks. n by similar handwriting n 3 m rust m has 3 sticks to remember the list of objects in the set order, you link hoop (0 position) or tea (position 1) with computer, clock, mildew with beach, 9-year Dominic system created by the British Dominic or brien, Volantes of the world memory Championships eight times. Given the certain complexity that involves learning the latter and more powerful system of memorization, I simply mention their existence. For more details, see: what is the Dominic system? Reference: what is the method of the Parrot to memorize? Original author and source of the article.

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How To Generate The Commitment In Its Staff

Here the point is to not borrow the terno friend or a family member, in this case the terno must be custom made.It is recommended to follow some general guidelines. The following are guidelines, to see if you can apply to your organization 1.-preach with example hire the type of managers or executives who underpin the values you prepended to your staff. In an important organization in Peru devoted to the sale of beers, they hired a manager of marketing, excellent in their scrolls, but an animal in dealing with staff. Conscious General Manager that would alter these system of psychological compromise achieved with its people, decided to let go of that element. Few organizations would do the same? 2 Spread the mission and ideology of the Organization to hire based on such values. Sensitize staff with them in the processes of orientation and training. 3. The bilateral communication construct a procedure that allows to listen to top down and bottom up.

4. Gather at the people fosters teamwork and sustain its behavior on the basis of the same. Is consistent with their values. 5 Grows with us. Requires that staff this updated, offer a challenge at work. Enrich and delegated power. Offers ascent from the beginning: comply with it and spread it on his people. Offers development activities.

With regard to the permanence in employment, be careful and only manifest a relative permanence. If I get to here you must have many questions, as I do this? In short the only thing you need to do is live the concept of my personal is the blood of the organization. Be consistent and creative. Lic. Ricardo Candela houses original author and source of the article.

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National Center

THE participation of the engineering CIVIL in case disaster disasters that occur more frequently in our country are earthquakes, cyclones, the overflow of rivers and hills desgajes. Due to these conditions, civil engineering provides elements to help various agencies involved in case of claims such as the National Center of disaster prevention (CENAPRED) and the national system of Civil Protection (SINACROP). For example, in case of earthquake, inspections of the damage structural in houses, buildings, shopping malls, stadiums, auditoriums, hospitals, markets, roads, drainage and drinking water, installations of gas distribution systems and electrical, are carried out to assess their stability and operability and, if necessary, take appropriate measures to not increase the damage and immediately restore the primary services of water, drainage, electricity and roads. This is why are created brigades involved with machinery and special equipment in the case of landslides and affectation to roads, according to attack emerging programs; This is how he is achieved to avoid to the maximum risk, both for the population and for public services. Also makes a special emergency rescue heliports verification, for at the time they provide effective support in the rapid transfer of injured to nearby hospitals.

In terms of airports, tracks, taxiways and platforms are reviewed to assess the safety of the operation and ensure the adequate arrival of aircraft with supplies of aid (food, water, medicines, and so on). In the case of roads pavement inspection is performed and is reviewed if there are landslides that clog circulation; If so, detours to ensure its use, that are established inspecting bridges and tunnels. For the above machines and skilled staff to manage them and remove the debris located in advance. Also, if required, to open paths of offsets of the disaster area and restore the land communication path. In the same way is for the inspection of railroads and facilities. With respect to sanitary works, pumping systems inspections are made. Science and development in your case, the damages that could present drainage systems and sewage treatment plants. On the other hand are revised drinking water distribution systems, its storage tanks as well as systems of pumping and driving to the net of the population.

In the case of floods and desgajes, reinforcing the banks of rivers and unloader of the flooded area roads are established. In the desgajes hills, is to remove the material with tool, equipment and machinery, taking all precautions to not put workers at risk. In terms of the works hydraulic, different types of prey and their operating systems are inspected to see if affectations who suffered would endanger their operation. There is damage, relevant emergency measures are taken and shown the eviction of populations that may be at risk. In all cases, is a civil engineer who will give instructions of how to carry out the work of inspection of the works and, where appropriate, the work of rescue, removal and prevention, all this in order to avoid major damage caused by the disaster damage. CONCLUSIONS is required to the entire population of the country aware that natural disasters can occur at any time and we must be on constant alert. For this reason it is essential to promote information on the prevention of disasters (CENAPRED) and perform systematically corresponding evacuation drills, which teach people what to do when accidents happen and fully identify close security points in your space everyday. That is how civil engineering collaborates with the culture of prevention in Mexican society. Article written by engineer Miguel angel Linares Faustinos. Original author and source of the article.

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Twentieth Century History

Different materials, different sources, but most agree that they have appeared owing to sea mines. Why sea mines? Quite simply, if you have a gun – you need support. Development began in the 18-19 age but not reached the required level. That's why experts say the successful use of the torpedo boats with only the 20 th century, to be more precise, since 1917. If studying a man who sees everything, he noted that during this time. First World War.

Namely, it was the British boat company "Thorneycroft". This model is also called "the 40-foot boat." However, they did not bring enough Vysokova result atttake as their followers, "the 55-foot boat." They were first used June 17, 1919 is already against the Soviet Baltic Fleet. Then the development of a few torpedo boats sank, not because of the fact that there were no opportunities for development, but because of lack of reasons for the development. However, when I started opportunity to mature. World War ii. Dramatically increased the number of light military equipment in general, especially in the ussr, including torpedo boats.

Each country of the enemy or allied countries had their torpedo boats. Y each had its advantages – higher development, lower, and depending on the economic and political situation of the country. So in England – it was mtv – speed 37 knot, 533-mm single-tube torpedo launchers, 2-3 guns Screening 7,62-12,7 mm to 4 depth charges. In Germany – S-Boot., Displacement of 115 tons, length 34.95 m, the speed to 40 knots, armament two 533-mm torpedo tubes and two 20-mm anti-aircraft gun. The Soviet boat was in first place on = basic criteria. F-5 – had displacement of 17 tons, a length of 20 m, speed over 50 knots, was armed with two 533-mm torpedoes (torpedo in the gutter) and two 7,62 mm or 12,7 mm machine guns. And, of course, the main countries for technical development to date – the United States. Boat type pt 103 – displacement of 50 tons, a length of 24 m, the speed to 45 knots, four 533-mm single-tube torpedo launchers, 12.7-mm machine guns and 40-mm anti-aircraft machine guns. But the war ended, and development has been somewhat on hold. Why? Because it appeared rocket weapons and their use more effectively. Many countries refused to torpedo boats completely and forever in favor of the missile. Only a few continued to use the boats – the ussr, Germany, Norway, Sweden, China, Israel, but times have changed, as now it was not necessary to attack the enemy has changed and the application – torpedo boats were used as patrol, fighting light forces, submarines. So what has changed and characteristics. Postwar boat was moving slowly – 42 knots, tonnage 268 tons, a length of 38.6 m, four 533-mm single-tube torpedo tubes (torpedoes '53-56 '), 2 twin automatic gun mount AK-230 (30 mm). But at the same time there were boats with missile-torpedo armament. By the end of 20 century torpedo boats nearly outlived itself – around the world there are only 162 rocket-torpedo, "clean" – 47. And the disappearance continues

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