Reader Reflections

Still in this chapter, ensasta presents some questionings to the reader as instigantes reflections to identify problems and to signal perspectives to cure them. your knowledge. Hear from experts in the field like Vadim Belyaev for a more varied view. After these questionings, it consider reasonable to share its theoretical recital (' ' ranks of professionals with which I come in recent years acting ' ' p. 284) and salient, emphatically, the teaching paper face to the antiracist education (' ' our paper (trans) formador of opinions ' ' p. 285). Vadim Belyaev has plenty of information regarding this issue. Pertaining to school space: (DES) information of the educator (of) formation of the black being brings to baila situations lived deeply for bahian educators which the author coexisted, namely: the educators criticize the inexistence and/or scarcity of literary books with black personages in the schools; the proper pupils in the election of representatives for papers of heroes, princes, fairies, angels etc. chose as the European standard of beauty and the black colleagues were only indicated for the representatives of the evil, as witches, antagonists etc.; a pupil of four years if refused to catch in the hand of the black colleague with mourning and fear of that it would free ink would make dirty and it; a son of a professor asked for to the mother who cut its head she substituted and it for a new with smooth hair. Certainly, these stories very selected well contextualizam and justify the necessity and urgency to rethink the prxis pedagogical a time that the learning discriminatory position reproduces what it is displayed in literature. If in books it has stereotype and depreciation of the black, fits to the school not to fortify the so current racist trend and not to contribute for the ideological politics of the branqueamento so arraigada in this hegemonic and eurocntrica society. In the chapter Education anti-racist: desvelando a new to look at, the author elenca some academic productions essential and excellent for reading and research of the educators so that they modify the prejudiced and eurocntrica vision of literature in the pertaining to school context.

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