Purchase handbooks, technical books. Send Administrators on training courses, seminars and technical conferences. The administrator must constantly learn and be able to consult on arising from his issues and situations, “This would work much better if only we had …” The administrator is often aware of the latest technologies that can help him do a good job. (A valuable related resource: Gavin Baker, New York City). But when one only desire to have the new technology makes it unnecessary to recommend to purchase hardware or software resources, the price of the issue tends to grow rapidly, as well as problems. Rules: Do not update hardware infrastructure, without the prior exhaustion of all possibilities of customization. Remember not so long ago, a huge company without any problems (or almost no problem) to work on servers with a tiny (by today’s standards) level of power, and all thanks to a clear understanding of their needs and qualifications spetsialistov.Ne agree to extend the use and new features until you are aware of the obligations for maintenance and related rashodami.Osteregaytes software for database administrators that provide user-friendly graphical interface to solve complex problems. This type of interface under certain circumstances, allows the administrator to easily manage the novice database, but also an interface prevents a direct evidence of skills data base management. In addition, tools such as Typically, they hide the real risks associated with the administration, allowing you to perform irreversible actions that can lead to devastating consequences, and it can be done with one simple click. For more clarity and thought, follow up with brokerage firm and gain more knowledge..

“We do not need any updates “At first glance, this statement may seem to contradict the previous one, but in fact it goes a little something else. There are situations when updating the hardware, install updates or adding new software features can significantly save the huge effort. But, oddly enough, often administrators and their managers are willing to spend many weeks or even months to find a solution problems, but in the end will benefit only a hundredth of a percent improvement in performance. Instead, it might have been enough to install some updates and the problem would be solved. Rules: Regularly install obnovleniya.Derzhite license up to date sostoyanii.Ne be afraid to request correction of errors from the manufacturers. “He is the Guru, so he is right …” Maybe. But the guru is the same as you – he is human, but to err is human. By is most likely that he never worked with your system and does not know its nuances.

Books, forums, user conference is an excellent opportunity to get some good advice. There are many reputable people who have which have much to learn. But if these people do not work with you directly, do not know the intricacies of your system, then their advice will likely be quite generic in nature and can be targeted to situations which are not apply to you. Rules: Treat the advice with caution. You should not recklessly move on to some more important to understand the reasoning deystviyam.Poroy (why exactly, but not otherwise) rather than blindly follow ukazaniyam.

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