AJAX Facilities

No matter whether stops or rates to call all riders staying always visible and make for perfect orientation within the timetable. Interactive Ajax maps the static bitmap cards from the previous online timetable were replaced by AJAX cards. Thus, individual map layers can be stacked displayed and selected. Stepless zooming is possible. Passengers can leave interactive map from the PTV home explore the RMV region and viewing stations, lines, public facilities or leisure tips in their environment. Either are public facilities, such as hospitals and schools to choose from.

In the field of transport & mobility, among other things stations, stops, bike rentals, and P & R places can be selected. Attractions, museums, sports facilities, and much more can be found in the category culture & leisure. Line presentation on interactive map and in the connection information if you to the interactive map the Lines layer”enabled, so to appear there for the first time all histories of buses and trains: so users immediately recognize for each area where they are located, whether are there public transportation available. Who just zooms in the map, get accurate information about the available bus and railway lines. The presentation is based on real graphs, which means buses are displayed right there on the representation of the network where your actual route skirts. This realistic representation of the line is also used in the connection information.

Any point on the map can be applied directly as start or destination for a connection query. Intermodality, so the comparability and compatibility of various public and private means of transport increasingly important measure to focus on intermodality of transport companies. This takes into account the nature of the representation of the connections of the RMV. Connections by bus and train are presented in addition to passenger routes in combination with buses and Paths and bike routes, also combined with bus and train.

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