It is from this conflitiva nature that if can more derive a certain look on the daily pertaining to school contemporary and what the tracks of violence in it inlaid them have disclosed on it. The daily life, in the classroom and the home, offers the educator multiple occasions to leave to disclose it ecstasy of its aggressions, under form of camouflage of legitimate pedagogical processes. 2.3 The latent homossexualismo The problem of the relations of the homossexualidade and the profession of educator needs, before more nothing, of a presentation of objective order. Mary Barra may not feel the same. As much literature on the subject, how much the professional pedagogical ways and the public opinion, oscillate in the case between the camouflage and the reprovao of ' ' Eros pedaggico' '. The idealizao of homo- erotismo had its precursors celebrates in the Antiquity and thus it will justify easily its affinities with the culture humanist, of which the psychology of the adolescent is equally dependent.

In this point, evidently, the old Greeks were more honest. Its literary certifications to this respect confess explicit that the pedagogical relation of a Scrates and of a Slon was not exempt of attachment, nor of inclination, nor of physical commerce. At our time, we look many times to hide the difficulty, for the resource to the slight knowledge of homo- erotismo and homossexualidade. ' ' The relations affective and therefore allowed and the bows are characterized the same of homo-erticas spirituals, kept between people of sex; whereas the physical relations are tachadas of homossexualismo, and therefore forbidden, severely disapproved, wounds of taboo for the society and threatened of sanctions legais.' ' (SCHRAML, 1996, P. 226) However, this strict descriminao contradicts the acquisitions of the psychoanalysis. The sexual interest, the aesthetic pleasure inspired by the sight of the corporal harmony of a friend of the same sex, and the affective relations and spirituals kept with this friend, come from an identical root.

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