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The million dollar question: will last the raise or the decline in these three days will be the beginning of a correction that will take at the index at 8,500 points levels?. The reality is that this (the U.S.) is still an economy that is in the midst of one major change, said Bill O Grady, strategist at Confluence Investment Management Chief at the New York Times. The real debate about Dow 10,000 is the hot topic today: what will be the form in which the recovery (of the economy) is given. The market correction is more early history. Since two months ago from the Wall Street Journal, the daily La Nacion of Argentina will come play comments from analysts and operators that the rise came to a close to make way for a correction of 10% as a minimum. Of course, when multiple voices together, the market takes the opposite course. And it is what seems to have happened in two months.

On August 18, a subscriber to our newsletter of Global value investment I wondered: Paola, you see a 10% drop in the short term as they say all here again to exit, what you think of the recommended? The problem does not happen was for the as say all. I replied that I didn’t see that 10% low still, and that our Global value portfolio had a greater potential of suba. eply. More information is housed here: The Procter & Gamble Company. Indeed, the actions recommended in the report came to rise 28% since then. One of the maxims of market suggests that a market can this overbought all the time which is needed until you founded is betting that that happens. The overbought and oversold indicators are unreliable if they are not accompanied by other evaluatorias of prediction tools.

The arrival of the DJIA in the psychological mark of 10,000 points will be an opportunity for investors make their profits, or to bet even more on the rise and accumulate positions, if that level is exceeded on the upside. But the debate over the 10,000 mark not puts us in the best time of stock market history. By the same author: Vadim Belyaev, New York City. It is simply reaching the level that was 10 years ago. When you arrive, we will celebrate that we back 10 years. With a disadvantage: the 10,000 1999 not most represent the same value today. Prices in the U.S. increased at an average of 2.8 per cent per annum, which leads us to have to celebrate freshly when the index reaches the 13,200 points. Good investments, Paola Pecora economics to understand the markets the Brazilian real has appreciated strongly in so far this year. The extraordinary recovery of the economy of Brazil predicted what was going to happen with the Brazilian currency. Would you like to know future investment opportunities early by deciphering the information that provide us economies? To understand how the economy determines the great movements of the markets, we offer you the elementary course of economy which will provide the basic elements to understand the functioning of economies and anticipate its trends. Write to us at and get your course to launch promotional price until October 23.

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