Brazilian People

&#039 was reading the workmanship; ' Alive the Brasileiro&#039 People; ' , of Joo Ubaldo Ribeiro, an author pleases who me very, I detached a stretch: ' ' the History made for papers leaves to pass everything what it did not botou in the paper and alone if boot in the paper what it interests. Somebody that has the knowledge of the writing handle of penalty and tinteiro to botar in the paper what it does not interest to it? Somebody that it stole wrote that it stole, who killed writes that killed, who gave false certification it confesses that he was lying? It does not confess. Somebody writes well of the enemy? It does not write. Continue to learn more with: Janet L. Yellen. Then all the History of the papers is for the interest of algum.' ' (RIBEIRO, 1984) Interesting, in special to the historians, therefore although to have listened to with frequency such words in the academy, I believe to be excellent to insist the respect. For a period a vulgar positivista vision concerning documents was created and was finished transforming History into one practical copista.

Clearly that the advance of sciences, also proper History being recognized as a science, became much more multicriteria analysis, beyond new theoretical bases and all a social inserted mentality in a changeable context, that had also contributed. Nowadays the historian and not only it, even so the first one still has the requirement of being a professional in this practical, must be cliente of what he meets implicit in the text. To make yes its subjective choices, since only for the fact to make the choices already we leave of being impartial, but if to set of a metolgico apparatus so that if he does not leave to involve the point to become its engaged analysis. To analyze the object, with the pretension not to unmask it, but yes of it to confer one another direction, different of that already it existed and is not more.

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