Breaking Stereotypes Or What We Know About Hoodia

Speaking of China, the first thing that immediately comes to mind is the large population, the Chinese wall and the low quality of products supplied by that country. And if the first two ideas belong to the known facts, then the latter is a well-known stereotype of the same or a myth. And this stereotype appeared in those years when the world markets, and to our including incredible pace in huge quantities of consumer goods did this country (and still called Chinese consumer goods). These goods flooded the world markets and had a very low-grade quality. However, there is nothing immutable, and now from China we are receiving high products such as refrigerators and air conditioners, televisions and mobile phones.

This products are all the same low price, but now it is very good and high quality, which certainly resonates in my soul consumers. Take for example the mobile phone market, and note that if the majority of manufacturers of popular brands in the midst of the crisis saw losses and tried to somehow reduce them in time of crisis, Chinese phone market has grown by as much as 9% in the first quarter of 2009. And it was during this period for most Western companies mobile market volume declined by as much as 14%. Moreover, many companies were forced to for the first time in its existence to report a loss. Certainly at the moment the market of Chinese mobile phones is one of the largest in the world. And let the main part of it is made still inside market, but also in the foreign market significantly increase its performance. Whereas previously the majority of world markets from China shipped shoddy consumer goods, now more than 30% of all exports from China account for a high-tech electronics equipment and appliances.

This may indicate only that the Chinese phones and technology in general have to have a very high quality. If you go back to the myths and stereotypes associated with the Chinese products and Chinese mobile phones, it should be noted that yet another common myth that all Chinese goods are collected in the basement and "kneeling" Chinese mobs with torches just falling apart. After all, it is well known that China has established itself as the best and biggest "assembly line" And this is where the production opened their most well-known companies. And if you ask, what do you know of such Chinese companies such as Arima and Compal, you might prefer to think that this is some small company in China, but these companies give birth to all your favorite phones Sony Ericsson and Motorola, respectively. And there are companies in China very much. Most of the plants of China at all comparable in size and number of small towns, and this is not a basement and "kneeling", and instead of torches used by very advanced and sophisticated equipment. So most of the plants for the production of mobile phones are located in the southern provinces of China, Guangzhou and Shenzhen. And if in the recent past, the most popular Chinese copies of phones known trade brands, but now more and more manufacturers from China are developing their own production of Chinese mobile phones, which are sometimes in many respects superior to their characteristics and European counterparts.

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