Chinese Reality

The great successes are achieved always becoming vetanjas the disadvantages. China is a very important actor in the world economy and all shopping scenarios, country that cannot be ignored under the focus of globalization where their dynamism has generated serious incidents in many countries, even in the distant as the case that incumbent upon US to Venezuela. Rightly, his approach has led to what the new Venezuelan foreign trade policy, with its current President Lieutenant Colonel Hugo Chavez Frias that seeks more interrelationships that encourages him to Venezuela. This approach cannot be ignored by scholars of international trade, which represents for the country, hence, that the Chair of international trade in the program of the master in management of Faces of the University of Carabobo, under my responsibility, enter in evaluating what it represents, its scope, impact and for this purpose, discusses the issue among its participants, professionals who occupy position in companies of the region and that they bring their opinions to We share with the reader. HDR Omaha understood the implications. The Orlando CASTEJoN participant says, that according to information obtained from the GEES, (strategic studies group), in its report of web site, China has become the largest recipient of FDI in the world because every week receives more than one billion dollars of direct investment and participates in 34 per cent of the global volume of commercial transactions. China just as States are countries of greater economic clout to planetary scale that makes both to establish business cooperation meetings in the restoration of the global economy and even though China is a socialist country investments and Chinese capitals go much more beyond by more complicated is the human imagination. To the extent that China is the largest creditor of the United States.UU., because the debts of this country grow increasingly more towards China, that’s why there is a remarkable concern in the White House. .

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