Choosing A Bath

When they say the word "bath" in all the Russian people in the brain have different associations. Older people just remember the old Soviet bulky cast iron bathtub that stood still in the "Stalin." Younger people in large mass accustomed to the iron enameled bathtubs times of development of socialism, however, as today's young people today, according to independent research center romir prefer baths new generation – made out of acrylic. What is the advantage of acrylic baths in front of their "predecessors"? Steel baths, though the price is cheaper and lighter than cast iron, rather cold to the touch and quickly cooled water, and their enamel surface is often crack. Cast iron bathtub in our country are different limitations in terms of shapes and sizes. Besides, iron rather heavy, and therefore, a large tub made of it, is very inconvenient and may require additional strengthening of the floor. As well as enameled steel surface, cast iron – cold to the touch, and its coverage over time loses its appearance. When replacing a bathtub is a tremendous amount of problems. Where is the best solution for your home, combining comfort and a reasonable price? The answer here is simple enough.

Most experts in Russia and the world believes that acrylic is ideal for bathrooms. The advantage of this material is that it allows you to create acrylic baths in unlimited colors. Therefore, acrylic bathtubs combine perfectly with the overall color scheme of any bathroom. In addition, the acrylic a plastic material, so acrylic bathtub can be circular, and angular, with armrests and any other form. An important factor is the fact that acrylic bath prevents the spread of bacteria in humid air bathroom, they are durable and retains heat well. These baths are easy to maintain, since their surface can be polished in the case of minor scratches, deep scratches and even cracks can also be easily eliminated. On acrylic tub can speak as a beautiful product, and not just on the necessary fittings. Summarizing, we arrive at the following conclusion: sanitary acrylic is very durable, great saves its shape for many years, with the best international standards and uses well-known European manufacturers. That is why acrylic bathtubs today the most popular among various segments of the population.

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