Computer Table Train

Because the place for a table and its location at the corner of the window to face him, I'm used to and they met me (not next to the door and not interfere with the passage of view of the park and pleases the eye and relaxing (bad eyes constantly focus on a very good race and periodically transferred from the screen to view distant objects)), in spite of the interfering light sunny day (or anywhere without compromise:), although the curtains or increase the brightness of the monitor helps in this case) to Besides, I liked that you can watch movies on the screen from the couch in the opposite diagonal corner of the room in general, this criterion (the position of the table and monitor) was originally defined for me, although I note (custom furniture) that best position the monitor perpendicular to the window and the light bulbs in the room, and the best compact (using LCD monitor) at the location of the main countertop along the wall, not perpendicular like me. Standard Tabletops height is known for writing nearly all (74-76 cm) and height Tabletops for keyboard and mouse I decided to lower by 10 cm below the level of writing, the top (if you subtract the thickness of the upper Tabletops little more than 8 cm, the minimum distance Tabletops between vertically (custom furniture) to put his hands while working with keyboard and mouse). Adjusting the height of the seat for proper fit, I found that if you relax, coming out of the horizontal eye falls a few inches below the top of the screen (the monitor standing on a standard desktop) that does not meet ergonomic standards (by the way, even in written instructions to the monitor), but because of my height monitor is easily adjusted, I decided that Tabletops monitor I will lower by 4-5 cm than the basic (written form), (custom furniture) if someone is that it seems non-standard solution, look for imported computer racks, the difference only that I have written is movable top, and not a monitor. .

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