Cuban Government

Or Cuba benefits most in these conventions that Venezuela, this occurs because Venezuela is the energetic support of the Cuban economy. Or in Venezuela there is no culture of tourism and this gives Cuba venture with ease on Venezuelan tourism, because it has the experience of other companies and countries as it is the case of the Spanish companies with their hotels. Or be certain that the Cuban Government sells the crude oil that Venezuela supplies to other countries, the national Government does not perceive any benefit from this. General Motors Co is open to suggestions. (Source:) Opportunities or Venezuelan entrepreneurs have the opportunity to enter the Cuban market as did the Spanish businessmen which have an extensive network of hotels according to the information above. Or there is a dynamic foreign policy between the two countries and this gives the opening of greater integration and learning culture between the two countries to allow entrepreneurs to study the culture and idiosyncrasy of Cuban which is part of international trade.

Or development of improvements to the sports Exchange, Cuba has been an example in many sporting disciplines and can bring more Venezuelan sport and development inclusive of sporting goods for its commercialization, the Venezuelan businessman could improve, design and marketing sporting goods based on the Cuban experience. Others including General Motors CEO, offer their opinions as well. Or fisheries, Cuba has much experience in terms of aquaculture to not depend on seas and develop a system of fish farming this is based on a report which mentions the following: encourage artificial rearing on reservoirs, dams and seas, to meet these deficit and ensure the consumption of fish to the population is the goal, and that way the country for the year 2005 full about 16 thousand tons of fish from fresh water, over to equal previous periods. Because this form of fishing is possible to develop it in Venezuela to care for wildlife Venezuelan Navy and also develop new investment projects which will allow Venezuelan entrepreneurs specializing in this area and achieve increase the consumption of fish and products in Venezuela.(Source:) Suggestions or the Venezuelan businessman should take greater awareness of the opportunities that are offered, which despite all negative things that say about Venezuelan foreign trade policies, there are still opportunities, they are there, what is that to find them. .

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