Cultural Evolution

Throughout the 20 first pages, Mostern tries to approach the concepts of culture of the geneticistas conceptions, through referring analyses to the cultural change, ways of cultural transmission and cultural evolution. In this in case that, the evolution, says, the introduction or new invention of memes would occur by means of alternative to that already present, comparing the cultural evolution with the biological one. The arguments of Mostern concerning the parallelism that it imagines to exist enter the construction of the genetic information and of the social information they finish for conduziz it to one Second idea, for which congenital values had existed following our natural formation, that is, an amount of information preprogrammed genetically codified in the DNA, conditioning partially our culture, as the preference of the flavor candy for the children, the type of human body in which we find attractive, the taste for a landscape or another one, what it means to say that the aesthetic valuation would be partially a product of information genetically inherited. One is about an mistake. For even more opinions, read materials from cupboards. Aesthetic concepts if base, the principle, in the endoculturao processes, starting soon after birth and if extending until the death. 8 TITIEV it demonstrates graphically that the child, to the rising, has a instinctive behavior 100%, but, receiving since that the impact of the culture is born, is taken to assimilate standardized behaviors, observed to its return. Its trend is, then, to assimilate the culture maximum and to conform its behavior it, learning the symbolic device that will allow it to communicate itself with the others, and it will become that it capable to live in society, to develop its process intellectual-sentitivo, acquiring habits and customs that will discipline its biological behavior 100% in 100% cultural one. With effect, since its origin, the man, to become man because it is not born man but if makes man if he gave account of the necessity to produce and to reproduce its material conditions of existence.

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