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Articles of seduction Like conquering women Since to many they request men that it takes me some steps to enamor to a woman, but sometimes not always is good for following steps specific coverall if you are nascent in the world of the seduction. Today I am going to teach the 4 advice to you so that you can enamor to a woman. It holds already than you are doing, it spends 5 minutes to read these secrets, and in one go I warn to you: what I am going to teach serves to you for ANY man, it is not necessary to be millionaire nor good looking. These are secrets that the majority of the men NEVER will know on the girls. You are not submissive with the girls I am going it to you to repeat: You are not submissive with the girls.

And with this, I talk about to say pretty things to them always, to make what they ask to you, invite them to gifts or luxurious dinners, to be the good man that does everything by them in short, all those conducts that probably you have done before and you know that they do not work. I also was one of those " men buenos" for many years, hoping to that the girls gave back his to me love, but NEVER was, and I am going to you to explain why: The certain thing is that to the pretty girls, TENS of men want to conquer them and they kiss the feet to them with the hope of which they pay attention and the feelings correspond to them. Ponte in the shoes of a girl, why you love a predictable, boring man, just as all the others? They ALREADY have sufficient friendly for that, so that you are an even potential you must generate ATTRACTION and I am going to you to explain how: The secret of the man " Arrogante and Divertido" So that you manage to generate attraction and to conquer a girl, I am going to teach the most important secret to you: To be " Arrogante and Divertido" , and what is? It consists of being a person who puts in the same level or a level superior to the women, to be full of self-esteem and confidence, to say what one thinks, not to kiss the feet to him to the women if not to make what one wants, but simultaneously be funny, to joke with the women, and who they ***reflx mng themselves.

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