Tariff 10 starting credit for new customers to the 6 year anniversary of simyo prepaid card of simyo prepaid celebrates birthday, celebrate with! In addition to the great draw of 66 iPhones until the 31.05.2011 simyo more offers. Birthday, there are the simyo SIM card for only 4,90 instead of 9.90 and whopping 10 there is a starting balance. The pill”for mobile phones is included. With simyo cost protection pay monthly only a maximum 39, but you can still make calls throughout the month and texting throughout the month, even if your revenue exceeds this magic! The simyo birthday SIM card comes with a super cheap prepaid fare. You pay 9 cents per minute for all calls to German landlines and all German mobile phone networks, the sending of SMS costs only 9 cents per SMS to all German networks. Furs Internet there is a plan in addition, Furthermore all Smartphone owners will be pleased. For only 24 cents per MB mobile in the Internet. You pay monthly only that what you consume, but only to maximum 39, then attack the cost protection and on mobile calls or send text messages and surf without additional costs.

Calls to the mail box are of course free of charge. Different tariff options can be ordered to the simyo prepaid fare one at that. For example the flat simyo. So you call nationwide within the simyo network for only 3,90. With the flat landline call a month for only 9.90 to German landlines, as long and as much you want. And finally, you have SMS pleasure in all German networks with a flat SMS for 30 days.

It works without binding contract and no fee. The tariff options can be cancelled monthly time. And all users of the mobile Internet will be pleased about the flat Internet. With the tariff minimum, there are 100MB of data for only 4,90 per month and with the collective optimum can consume up to 1 GB data volume, for only 9.90 per month. And for all iPhone 4 and iPad owners there is now a special treat to the simyo prepaid fare. The Micro SIM card in the special format for iPhone 4, iPad and iPad 2 there is now free of charge to the same tariff options like any other SIM cards also. The birthday bonus will be credited also to the simyo prepaid tariff and you start with 10 credits.

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