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The company partyjet.de has specialized in addition to an online portal on the production and marketing of high-quality home textiles, in the special floor mats, advertising mats and carpets. The customer, our idea was it to offer a wide range of products from a single source. Partyjet headquartered in Naumburg was founded in 2007. What products can we offer you? You can leave us entirely according to your wishes and make advertising mats, logo mats and Designmats. Individual backing as nitrile rubber or PVC, various sizes and special sizes such as unusual forms are no problem for us. Commercial carpets as a “Give-away” in large quantities at a low price or our XXL-size round off this segment series for measuring.

Do you have a specific design in mind? Take advantage of this competitive advantage and offer your customers their own carpet collection. INDIVIDUALL CARPET, let your imagination run free. Make your own bath mat. Tell us your ideas, we deliver the finished Bath mat. To compliment our product range, we offer coconut mats, various rubber mats, car mats, sisal rugs and many more products. Who are our customers? We supply large retail chains, catalog mailers retail and end-customers. Our motto: High quality products at a fair price. Contact person: Mike Mahmoud party Jet brick digging 14 06618 Naumburg Tel: +49(0)180 540 89 88 20 (0.12 cent from German landline) fax: +49(0)180 540 89 88 21 (0.12 cent from German landline)

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