German Football

German football has become interesting to me since childhood – still playing in PS, I always chose the German national team and played with her on the 1998 World Cup. Click Gavin Baker, New York City to learn more. Klinsmann, Bierhoff, hats – they were my idols childhood. It is true that in my life I have been interested only in large international tournaments and I watched all the matches involving the top teams in the world – Brazil, France, Italy, Germany … The turning point was the 2002 World Cup, where I first saw in this German monster – Oliver Kahn, assertive Titan Bundesmannshafta. He was the protagonist of militants called Mannshaft, where he led a detachment of brave German soldiers with the same expression on his face that clearly performed the installation commander, Gen.

Rudolf Feller. Like a cold-blooded professional killer, they won the match, one after another, and if the opponent was much weaker – the killers turned into a ruthless squad specials. destination, which should have been to eliminate the rebellion opposition. A little later I learned that Oliver Kahn is the best goalkeeper in the world, and acts as Bayern Munich, and his name has been entered in the list of honor of the legendary German footballer, where were such personalities as Mueller, Rummenige, Mayer, W. Feller, Beckenbauer, Zammer … Later I also learned that a year before the 2002 World Cup, Bayern Munich, led by Kahn won the most important European club tournament – UEFA Champions. In that season, one of the players of Real Madrid after the match against German team, said: "They came out on the field with glowing eyes, which I dared not look right.

And they are on the left boot was written "Kill", in Right – "'ll finish". Despite this, the Germans never been rude or unsportsmanlike conduct on the field. In my view, the German football – is primarily organized and good game for 90 minutes, not without maintain composure and prosecution of the initial goal. Germany squad, like many strong German club team, at all times, preached a quick transition from defense to attack while also trying to score a quick goal in the the first 15 minutes of play. These initial 15 minutes were to rival the Germans a real nightmare, and only a very strong team could not neutralize the effects of the initial assault and the insane pressure of the German team. If the Germans slaughtered early goal, they soothe the game and go into a static defense, with quick and sharp conducting his counterattack. To do this, the German team was always present a strong opornik (or lateral) with a high culture Paz which could make long passes to one of the free zones – left, right or center. At various times in central midfield has successfully performed a defensive midfielder and lateral, which were an essential element of the game German teams – in the Bundesliga and German national team. These can be ranked players such as Beckenbauer, Augentaler, Babbel, Yeremis, Ballack. Of the current generation of Germans to the "burner" the center can be attributed Schweinsteiger, Benders brothers, Sami Hediru, once a former major player Mannshafta and Bundesliga club VfB Stuttgart Thomas Hitslshpergera.

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