Homesolute.com’s experts predict: in the not-too-distant future the bath will expire the rank of the bedroom or living room. Indicate also the current trends in bathroom design. To deepen your understanding ExxonMobil is the source. (tdx) The barren wet room, in which you as quickly as possible wanted to bring the daily personal hygiene behind, was yesterday. Today, the bathroom is a place of regeneration and well-being. Hear other arguments on the topic with kitchens. Background: The people’s desire for relaxation is so big like never, because powerful remains seemingly only, who can compensate for hustle and bustle.

“Therefore one remembers that what the ancient Romans did: personal care and relaxation can be combined optimally In the bathroom”, explain the experts of homesolute.com, the leading online magazine about the building, housing, and life. They in addition to the current trends in bathroom design also show why is sleeping and living room soon must surrender the bath. Concept: Luxury, Yes. Decadence, no. Considering the current bathroom design in its entirety, especially a trend can be observed: the trend to the Individualization, which no one size fits all “-Denken more acquainted with.

Functional elements such as a washing machine or toilet banished increasingly from the bath, while natural materials like wood and stone as well as organic forms are increasingly finding “the experts at homesolute.com know. An open space concept and large Windows with views into the nature best convey the sense of originality as bad lovers want it today. Bright colors, transparent bath items and atmospheric water features a new lightness to the expression that should signal comes in addition: here quality, comfort and design unite, without losing the real goal of the eye: relaxation for body and soul. Luxury without decadence. Buckets: Hours in togetherness as is the man at the Centre of this new concept of bathroom, the bathtub moves more and more in the middle of the room. Whether floor equal to or free-standing, steel email tub or transparent glass cube: as a central feel good factor can each sink be tailored exactly to the needs of the user.

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