Inside Boeing

In modern life, the aircraft – it is not surprising, as before, the phenomenon, but rather the contrary – a well-known to all means of transportation. “Conqueror of the air disaster” is already so integrated into our lives, that is as a matter of course. Anyone seen it many times, but that’s not everyone looking into the mysterious world of the modern Design of the aircraft, and not even know the most common basis by which man finally tamed airspace … Therefore, the editors ENGINE-MARKET decided to consider the “inside” the main design features of a modern aircraft. And we will do this based on the well-known brands Boeing. Let’s look at any picture of modern Boeing.

Well, like anything special? Arranged for more convenient, and begin our investigation … Boeing – is the most popular brand of aircraft in the world, which is owned by The Boeing Company. The Boeing Company – U.S. Corporation, one of the world’s largest aerospace and military equipment. The headquarters is in Chicago (Illinois, USA). Chairman and CEO – James McNerney. The composition corporation consists of two main units: Boeing Commercial Airplanes (civilian production) and Integrated Defense Systems (military products).

In addition, the corporation includes Boeing Capital Corporation (project finance), Shared Services Group (infrastructure support) and Boeing Engineering, Operations & Technology (development, acquisition and implementation of innovative technologies and processes). The main manufacturing facilities are located in the cities of Everett (WA), California, St. Louis (state Missouri).

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