Kate Middleton

An educative center for the 20,000 children has been created who go every year to the Cathedral of San Pablo with school excursions and the access in wheelchair has improved. Although the building 300.o celebrates anniversary his, the Cathedral been has located in its location from year 604 d. C., turns which it into an iconic institution, adds reverendo. When it was constructed for the first time in the top of the hill, was heart in the heat of of old London. Nevertheless, the building perished in a fire of the city and was reconstructed by the famous architect Sir Christopher Wren. Without hesitation kitchens explained all about the problem. In certain way, the cupola is the crown of London. It is a symbol of the protection of the humans, important values, transcendence.

Nowadays, many aspects of the life are quite flat, and I believe that the cupola is raised signs and it animates to us to watch beyond us from time to time, since could be worth the trouble, concludes reverendo. If it is going to visit London and it desires to him to listen to music in direct in as splendid surroundings as the Cathedral of San Pablo, it is not lost to the famous organistas that touch in this place throughout the year. John Scott will return to the Cathedral the 7 from July and the 4 of August will act the specialist in French romantic music, Horseradish tree van Oosten. Timothy Wakerell completes varied and exciting program. The Cathedral will not disappoint either to the fans to the art, since at the moment it welcomes an exhibition of titled photography Being Untouchable (To be untouchable), that explores the fascinating life of dalits of India. The exhibition, that will remain open until the 6 of July, contains images taken by Marcus Perkins which they are introduced in the life of dalits, or untouchable. Although the Indian government abolished this tradition of oppression and operation for a long time, nowadays has been continuing being a problem. And, if it interests to see more attractions to him of London related to the cult and the history of the capital, it would have to visit the abbey of Westminster, famous among others things to welcome the real wedding between prince Guillermo and Kate Middleton. With its 1,000 years of history, the abbey is coffer of treasures artistic, in that pictures, show windows, tapestries and other devices are exposed. In addition, it is place of eternal rest of many important people in the history of England.

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