Model Professional

The beginners and professional models to give to know and obtain work using promotional items such as the books or portfolios, the compcards or composites and the tearsheets among the most important. The model should know your height, weight, measurements (bust measurement must include Cup bra or irritations, as well as waist and hips), and their main carvings (dress, trousers, shoes and hat sometimes), as well as any medical information relevant to their work. These data are an integral part of the book along with your best photos, your contact details and your specialities, in the data sheet model that fill all the girls who aspire to work with us you can see some data that may be important for a casting of models, such as the length of the hair among others. The book or portfolio brings together the best photographs of the model, around 15 photos by rule general (on average), in size folio, A4 or letter. Usually included as the cover a good head shot or photograph of face, and in his inside, pictures that show the full range of capabilities of the model. It should include photos in black and white and colour, of whole body, medium-bodied, with different costumes, make-up and hairstyles, and preference of different photographers (although this is more difficult at the beginning). It is a sample of what you offer in your job, a visual CV. Educate yourself with thoughts from cabinets.

The books can also contain tearsheets, which are leaves of magazines with pictures of the models or copies of brochures or reductions and photos of ads and posters where the model has appeared. A professional book is a job that is done in a long time, which brings together different styles, how they see the model different photographers, at different times and for different needs of communication.

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