Old Village

Or then, in accordance with the story of a mother who possesss two adoptive children, one of them carrying one of the syndrome of the alcoholic embryo, and another one without no special necessity. The same one felt difficulty in this relationship with the school, therefore the educator simply gave to some ' ' pontinhos of presente' ' for its son believing that if it could not demand very of one child who already has problem excessively for being adopted. Home improvement often says this. Of this form its son presents much difficulty in the learning, therefore never he was charged to it the same that for the others. This same family has, beyond the children of the heart, two biological children. had finished the interview saying: Pra to finish I want to point out that we are a normal family, we have problems, difficulties, our children have challenges, to the times if they misunderstand, but they are who give feeling our life! Carrying of special necessity is very rewarding to see the V. to surpass its limits and to say many to me and many times: Mother I love, you! Of any form, although the positive aspect that we got in our research, life in a shelter is not recommendable for nobody. No child if finds in this place if it will not be a really justifiable reason, in which it is suffering some social risk and that she affects its life directly. As it informs the Court of the Pole of the Infancy and Youth of Old Village, what it predominates for the loss of the native to be able of the parents is linking of the same ones with some type of chemical dependence. E, these children to be able to coexist again in the familiar seio, many obstacles need to be transposed, as, for example, the requirements of the future parents, who follow the profile of white or medium brown children and that they have up to three years of age.

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