Pocket Professionals

If we are not sufficiently prepared, and for this not undergraduate and postgraduate studies are always sufficient, we may find ourselves accumulate error after error which, coupled with the appearance, inside or outside of the Organization, the right person, often at a lower cost, will with our person at the nearest Institute of labor mediation with the letter of dismissal, (of course), in the Pocket and then comes what as justifiedin the curriculum of each such output or the continuous zig-zag that many professionals have. Errors of accepting promotions I have seen of most curious: there are CEOs who have only had one or two posts previous to that and less than four years of professional life and that after its failure are then offered to sellers or account executives, that it is what they were before or now, would be a logical career. I do not mean that they cannot get to be so but that they have done untimely and without preparation. Go to cupboards for more information. Another issue in promotions is the necessary humility with oneself to know of the own limitations and not engaging in what is commonly called the Peter principle that leads to inappropriate places without serving for this purpose or have qualities for the same one reaches this would be more attributable which proposes that ascent or those leaders that promote good professionals or technicians to command posts without having prepared for this or without that these professionals have developed its qualities. Send is something subtle that requires willingness and vocation in which you must do, qualities of dedication toward others, concern for people, knowing release of enough of the bonds of relationship with those who until then your peers, were having authority granted by contributors, which is different from power granted from above (it is necessary but that without the above often lead to failure)It means greater dedication, learning ability, good technical level in the matter that concerned all that, does not always have at any given time, especially because many companies do not give school to train new controls and sending is not only thing of workshops, but experiences and examples transmitted from current commanders here we return to find the word employability: must be moved, inside or outside the Organization, looking for leadership and good learning that send that you will allow us to accept better, re-examine a directive position. .

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