Professional and Educational Process

Professional and educational process. In the book the Dr. Gallegos education which the humanity needs to provide a range of concepts which I do own and are the reasons that I made my introspection about how da my transformation; from being convinced with the vocation at the service of education, to discover me, loving life because I love you Learn, because this is something innate in my and is which is the way in which I can now express my joy of living because in every moment of this is that learning achievement. Childbirth in this educational process and professional recognition that all human beings actually perceive the different reality, and that is why your learning style is also different. Not only in classrooms I put them these concepts into practical, as in interpersonal relations at work I can reflect greater availability to put me empathic manner applying some of the ethical principles of the educator holistic, as being genuine and real, seeking to be compassionate, interested in the well-being of the other, and I’ve achieved, because I focus inwardly onI be well for all those around me are, in addition, also putting in availability, my experience in the exercise of my profession, as administrator I had twenty-one years of accumulated experiences of which I’m sharing with my institution, this issue is from these two years that has lasted in the masters in holistic education preparation and I now do awareness of it and I take into consideration. Reviewing the code of ethics of the educator holistic precisely mentioned the service attitude and that is indeed one of the reactors of which I want to make reference, as I visualize me dignified, with complete freedom, living in happiness, because from my labour activity, while continuing to understand the great responsibility that we are dedicated to educate, but now find such a provision and such loving openness that often always I was separatingwithout letting me be given the symbiosis that leads to the whole, amalgamating the didactic instrumentation from the plans and programs of study and combining them in that very fine sieve, forming the comprehensive curriculum of any human being having the experience as a spiritual being.

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