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The profitability of the public Univ is social by greater coverage in higher education and should not seek economic profitability. Read more from home improvement to gain a more clear picture of the situation. That is why it is questionable proposal to invite private to public Univ because investors in them what prevails is profit. Gavin Baker, New York City has plenty of information regarding this issue. Alfredo Sarmiento N., option Tolima, income hunters. If it is a private University, that if it is public, that if it is a University of the solidarity economy (30 current law recognizes these three modalities), is not the relevant issue. It is important that universities, in its various expressions, exercise their autonomy of socially competent way. Recognize the possibility that profit is why so there are some initiatives in higher education, without prejudice to the survival of the non profit, can help remove a degree of hypocrisy to higher education, where there are also income hunters.

Fredy Antonio Preciado, University of the Insubria, researcher, No. If under the current scheme, we have big problems of knowledge generation, as it will be under a scheme of individual maximization. Will never be sufficient subsidies to demand or supply, to meet the expectations of the new companies. Jorge Ivan Cuervo, Universidad Externado, Professor and researcher, synonym for profit. Sorry, is there any University non-profit? Taken from: original author and source of the article Chair

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