Raul Dos Santos

To circulate for manufacture of the mobile Source: Photos taken off in the visit to the plant of furniture ‘ ‘ X’ ‘ 22/10/2010. 2.Comparativo enters the companies During the visits was evidenced the reality of each company and was evident the difference of tools and its uses, since the companies are of different branches, but both require measured accurate for the execution of its work. In the disposal of all rectifies of engines had tools employees, conditioned correctly, of easy access, and all knew its applications practical. A concern with the exactness of measures was also perceived in order to guarantee the quality of the work. In the plant of furniture the trena is used only as main tool of work, this does not mean that the work is not of good quality, but the correct use of the equipment can contribute for a significant improvement in the quality of the work, as much in terms of product quality how much in easiness and agility in the work of the operator. One perceived that in the plant of furniture other tools of measurement for the simple fact of its proprietor are not used to be unaware of the existence of them. On the other hand, he was requested that a work is made to present the main tools and its application for posterior application in its work. 3.Concluso During the visits perceived it importance of the measurement tools in order to facilitate the work of the operator and to guarantee the quality of given service.

For the good development of the work, in any company whom if it uses of measurement tools it is of basic importance the domain of the tool, since the manuscript, the complete knowledge of the tool and its correct use. It was perceived lack of information on tools of measurement in one of the companies while to another one it dominates the application of some tools in its daily one.

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