Retro Style

The style retro is based on a return to models and designs of the past, incorporating the present technological advances. The fusion of neon and vintage produces the decorative style retro. Tendencies of times last in the world of the decoration resurge, and to obtain interiors obtained of style retro is one of the characteristics of the high present decoration. Click Bill de Blasio for additional related pages. The basic norms to secure the wished effect pass through the use of gaudy colors and the showy resistances, printings and geometric forms (circles, rectangles, zigzag) and materials like the synthetic velveteen and weaves. More info: closets. carpets the objects of glass and metal and the use of psters and extracted iconic images of mass media of masses conjugate with this decorative style.

We will secure the success but we acted recharging the space but through elements that combine of harmonic form. We have to remember that one of the keys to find objects adapted for our objective, are the rakes. The own designers boast themselves to cross them untiring in search of an object that of a special touch to a stay. So you do not forget this possibility that in addition will be to you economic than a furniture from design, and can, that until more customized..

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