River Grande

The Nazareno of the Otherworld (Mompox) the legend is lifts in Mompox, and it says that during the Holy week comes a vision that scares. He is dressed in a tunic, his figure is terrible, your face has no figure, nose it has recessed, is like a dead dispossession. They say that it is a Nazarene who failed to comply with his promise and why God punished him, and comes from another world at Easter for IRIA them to the nazarenes who breach their promise, not respected the dressed clothes or religious rituals. Many have have seen him marching to the sound of the bars in the middle of the nazarenes who loaded the big step that take on Holy Thursday in the Holy week of Mompox. The Pozo de la Noria (Mompox) beautiful legend about an artesian well built in Mompox, that crosses almost the entire city. They say that there are treasures that filibusters that traced the River Grande de la Magdalena and several pirates were deposited. Many people says that he hears whispers and noises of chains that come from the depths and also voices are being heard. The Pozo de la Noria has so many riches, which are guarded by two headed snakes who throw fire from the mouth. The Christ of the stake once had a gentleman who was a butcher and was leaving very early in the morning to kill you pray and it left his wife alone; in the village began to comment that his wife had a lover who got into his house in the early morning when he was leaving. One day, the Lord decided to solve the mystery, he left very early in the morning as usual, but not to kill you pray but he hid near his house and he took an estilla of firewood or stake and he began to sharpen it.

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