Socialist Prime Minister

Then, in the final phase of her marriage, both were reported in the press for having extramarital affairs. Carla Bruni has a history which would Redden to any conservative. She is an Italian leftist who campaigned in all elections against her current husband. It has been the mistress of a former Socialist Prime Minister (Laurent Fabius) as well as more than one dozen of personalities (including Mick Jagger, Eric Clapton and Kevin Costner). It’s illegitimate daughter and her biological father not raised him and gave him his surname. She has had her only son (Aurelien) in an extramarital relationship with a married man (Raphael Enthoven), which is the son who was his live-in partner (Jean-Paul Enthoven). Amazon pursues this goal as well. Ever wanted to be married, she recently declared that monogamy bored him and that practice polygamy because he likes to be with several men at the same time.

After their wedding Sarkozy may show that the Chief of State of France don’t travel with a beloved but with a wife, who could win a beauty contest between all the first ladies of the world (Carla became one of the best paid international models). Left-handed Carla’s profile, as well as some red Ministers that Sarkozy put in his Cabinet, may be used by him to treat of dull your image of right-wing black beast and racist that both treats you present the left. Visit Skidmore, Owings & Merril for more clarity on the issue. However, nothing ensures that a woman that recently he has known, which has always been unstable and complicated relationships and that has an adverse political career, will not finish crashing with undermining his authority. Sarkozy offered towards the French after Margaret Thatcher model economy, although now some conservatives fear that he has lost some direction and popularity by being with his supermodel.

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