Spain Chairs

The chairs make their appearance in ancient Egypt in the year 3000 BC when the first chairs were built of mud and plants, with designs based on a backrest and a seat, this occurred when the need for accommodation for the Pharaohs was of vital importance to refer to their social status. The chairs offered the pharaohs a state of superiority, since the slaves and subjects were standing or sitting on the floor. This was the beginning of the rest of chairs to the sixteenth centuries, when Spain was beginning to design a little more comfortable chairs, and covered with designs done in gold thread and very sober styles, all this in order that the chairs of the kings differed radically from the others. The design in the twentieth century became a vital element in the evolution of the chairs, since the union of these two elements makes people acquire a taste for them. Statistics show that today every household around the world have at least one chair. Chairs with the passing of times were becoming a classic image of comfort, thanks to this the development of other chairs, a sofa, chairs, armchairs and stools fully filled the ergonomic needs of the people. Currently chairs are one of the more conventional elements of comfort, plus the use of the chairs can be applied to activities such as rest, study, work and even exercise. Today is the amount of seats that invented that number may go up to thousands, but can only be categorized into seven main types, these are: queen type seats: These seats are designed ergonomically designed for the arms, it has also where to locate them.

This is easily recognized by its base in four straight legs. scissor chairs: they are called so that their legs are crossed, many of these chairs can be folded for storage. Folding chairs: These chairs feature a single seat back and also have the potential to be small and collapsible to carry them anywhere. Office Chairs: office chairs are identified by having at its base casters that make it easy to travel with them, also have pads that are comfortable to work. Child seats: they were designed so that young children have a safe way to sit, as this offers to have a support around the child's body. Car Seats: These seats are so called because they are ergonomically designed for car adaptations, so that driving is not uncomfortable. Chairs High Chairs: These chairs are characterized by having in front a small table where food is placed, usually used to make it easier to feed children and people with physical limitations. As you can see the chairs have been very useful and important in the course of history, not to mention they are a great source of relaxation and comfort available to anyone.

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