Steve Jobs

The less fancy version of history simply says that the Apple was his favorite fruit. Apparently, during a trip by car, Jobs suddenly told his friend: I have a name for the company: Apple. However, there are stories much most striking though perhaps less adjusted to reality. Some say that Steve Jobs chose that name to honor a good summer in Oregon when she was working in an orchard where picked apples. Others claim that it is more closely related to the record label of the Beatles, with which the company has been fighting for years for the use of the Apple logo. The number 0 of the company one of the stories most commented when speaking of the cravings of leadership and prominence jobs account that once Apple began to grow, the Board of Directors of the company decided to assign numbers to employees. Wozniak received the number 1 and Jobs remained with the number 2. His anger was such that to base of complain, got that they grant him the number 0.

A salary of $ 1 since 1997, the salary of Steve Jobs at Apple is annual $ 1. However, its shares of Apple and Walt Disney reports you millionaires benefits. Jobs holds 5.5 million of Apple titles that have a value of 1.8 billion dollars (1.4 billion euros). On the other hand, it owns 7% of Walt Disney, which annually reports $ 48 million. Thanks to these revenues, Jobs ranks number 136 of the richest people in the world, according to Forbes magazine, with an estimated $ 5.5 billion heritage.

Free parking is well known the bad habit of Steve Jobs’s Park where mood, no respect for rules or signals. They are not just rumors, there are numerous photographs showing car Jobs occupying the space reserved for handicapped persons or even two parking spaces. Also says (and this is a rumor) that someone came to draw the Mercedes logo on the plaza for the handicapped, in allusion to the directors of Apple, a Mercedes SL55 AMG vehicle. Source of the news: myths and stories about the controversial, brilliant and sometimes eccentric Steve Jobs

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