Successful Trade Fair Visit With The

For the organisation and preparation use the Web app under the motto ITelligent mobility the communication world 2012 presents the present and future of mobile technologies, strategies and solutions for the business world. As a mobile solution to support the exhibition with accompanying Congress should not be missed. On behalf of Messe Munchen Heidelberg Mobil International GmbH has therefore developed web app a fair, that provides visitors with all information about the event. Use the app to the preparation CommWorld2go offers a list of all exhibitors and product groups of trade fair visitors. For the visitors of the Congress the speaker and presentation times remain relevant, why the app also offers this information. Interesting program information and exhibitor can with the bookmark feature in the personalized Favorites section myCommWorld”are placed so that they are always quickly found. Lectures and program highlights via E-Mail to the own Outlook can also Calendar will be sent.

So, important dates are always quickly accessible. Latest news of various integrated channels (Facebook, Twitter and blog) keep informed the users of the app! Communication is everything – the area of networking and social media features facilitate the matchmaking beside new knowledge that can be collected during the lectures and presentations, there is another goal at congresses: networks! The app from Heidelberg mobile with its built-in communication features facilitates enormously the networking. Participants can already before the start of the event virtually via Web app with other visitors, speakers or exhibitors network, focus on the sessions and good conversations with each other meanwhile and import in hindsight all important new contacts button in the phone book. Step one is to register. Then just log in to the app follows ready! Visitors can signal their contacts in the app through a mobile check-in, which lecture they listen intend. So, they can express that you are available for any discussions following the presentation available.

All major events can be distributed also via the social media connection from the app out on Twitter and Facebook channels. The user can share with a Facebook account directly from the app experience on Facebook, to show friends, he just does. As well, each exhibitor, every speaker and every event from the app can be tweeted. So the exhibition achieved a higher range, they talk about it”makes it as easy as possible. “Features – info (arrival on stay, date and opening hours, etc.) – Exhibitor list sorted alphabetically or sorted by product group – product group – program after taking place in the near future or after date – speaker list (list of speakers) – bookmark and note function – dynamic map – News: Facebook, Twitter, blog – search – app sponsorship for exhibitors mobile networking – myCommWorld” area – my Exhibitor – my sessions (Mobile check”in a lecture) – my program – my profile (with picture and contact details) – news – contacts: my contact list, sent and received requests – networking: display of visitors, speakers and exhibitors (filter option by relevance) – send contact requests and receive – social media integration – Facebook – Twitter available platform: Web-app system requirements: Smartphone or tablet with Internet access and browser press contact: Heidelberg Mobil International GmbH Tatjana Rudi Industriestrasse 41 D-69190 Walldorf

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