Tanja Sahai

Clear, concise commands such as “here”, “Stop” or “Foot” show, when they are first taught, their effect in every situation, so even if you can just not exert physical pressure or want to. Every dog owner ever amused, watching how his dog in the middle of the narrischsten endurance put a screeching halt, because a good Journeyman command sounds, can confirm this. While practicing you sure not to frustrate the dog. If you want to take a walk by half an hour, use of 5-10 minutes to practice. At this time, it is your responsibility to get the dog used to consistently and calmly on the-like walking on the leash. The occasional tug on the leash you slowly, insert go hand in the hold the leash in your trouser or jacket pocket and keep every time, if you in your hand feel a train, stand and set your command, “Foot”, or what else you like to your dog. Increase you can the verbal command with a knock on your thigh. In addition, a luxury treat appropriate to the desired behavior.

With time your dog will get used to, to stay or to come back a few steps to see, why do not we continue. After the preset time let her dog back, as far as possible, alone, so that he has time to relax and to think so to speak about the new. Please also keep in mind that the exercise is very important for your dog and he needs it just once per day to have fun off. Permanent strong tug on the leash for particularly stubborn cases, so dogs that very strong pull on the leash, is an education, the so-called easy walk harness”the right choice. It is a very gentle method to not only the dog and the dog has its true joy. When pulling on the leash, slight pressure exerted on the chest of the dog, that calming effect on the dog. As specified by a Miracle, stop pulling on the leash. A very gentle and effective method to avoid pulling on the leash. Tanja Sahai

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