The First

The mesh size should be such that food is not eluted over the first few minutes – about five by five millimeters. At the bottom of the bag-placed weight feeders this can be a piece of iron or lead heavy enough to hold the trough in the period, approximately some kilogram. Then go put the bait composition which, each angler is different. But the main thing that the feedings were large particles such as barley or corn grits and medium-sized and smaller that that for the aromatic 'muti' – type of semolina. K bag tied knot tightened thick woods, millimeter, for example, thick enough to raise and lower the feeder with groundbait and cargo.

Twine is tied to the boat in the taut, so that throat bag hung in the water column and bottom with a load of bait and lay on the bottom. Well, you get up the anchor was thrown overboard by the feeder (for the board that the downstream). Next you need to slowly cook tackle, without haste, because there is no need to hurry albeit bait will spread over. So, what is a tackle for catching bream on the ring. Above all, this type of short winter rod no longer than 70 cm coil fits any.

It is also very important nod it should be tough enough to not react to the flow. However, Rod did not a required element for a fishing trip I personally hold the line in his hand. So do not strained his eyes, and sensitivity is better to miss almost bite impossible, unless you sleep.

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