The Idea

In this Ferno part it understands that the spirit cannot be truily free without the capacity to pardon, and the way of the progress passes for the capacity to not only become a professor – and for the one of the arduous work as a pupil. Ferno comes back toward the old flock to share its ideas and its recent discoveries, soon for the difficult fight against the current norms of the related society. The capacity to pardon seems to be an obligatoriness for the ticket condition. It perceives that only he makes sensible our action when we become the life of the people best and that we only can place inside of the people what they can absorb and that she does not advance to violate consciences, therefore each one he is in a evolutivo level and mainly to learn to pardon for the errors that had committed with us, in front to follow being example. ' ' Vocs wants to fly so great the point to pardon the flock, and to learn, and to come back they one day and to work to help if to know them it? ' '. The idea of that strongest they can reach more for leaving it stops backwards the weakkest friends seems rejected total. From there, the love and the pardon deserve respect and seem to be equally important to become free themselves of the pressure to only obey the rules because they are comumente accepted. to make of different form is what it becomes some people very special and you can make the difference, is enough to believe you, to always follow in front, exactly when all find that the way is not this, or that valley the penalty not to dream its dream. To believe itself and to follow in front same against all the statisticians are that they make of you a SPECIAL BEING.

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