The New Module Of Multi-jobs

The supplier of flexible software tools for maintenance management, fleet management and facility management software before recently has Ultimo software solutions GmbH, the supplier of flexible software tools for maintenance management, fleet management, facility management software, a new module, multi-jobs, presented. With the multi-jobs module, it is possible to coordinate multidisciplinary work in the Ultimo software in intelligent and simple way and to edit. The Ultimo management software supports practical examples technical service, fleet management, and building management for various tasks, such as managing technical information, work orders or messages. In practice however messages occur, requiring multiple activities. In some cases these carry one at a time, to get the message to. For such situations, the new multimedia jobs module provides a new, optimized operation.

So it may be with the message of a new employee required be that the following activities must be performed in succession: set up of furniture, setting up a PC, installing the necessary software, make an access card, assign a mobile phone. Or think of the message of a mini project, where must the technical and building services, with the building management software, together inspect a certain aspect of the building and doing many different activities. Benefits of the multi-jobs engine use solid pattern, so that it is immediately evident in the processing of a message which activities need to be performed can perform changes in a multi-job, because not all situations equalize the detectors and the persons concerned have always insight into the status of multiple jobs the persons concerned will be notified in a timely manner, if a particular activity has been completed and a new activity can start the Scheduler is open (Gantt charts) and admits changes the message submission (and the inspection of the State) can be done via a portal (self-service) Endverantwortliche of the Department has insight into the status of multiple jobs reports and any bottlenecks this jobs module is therefore exceptionally well suited to processing of messages, where several individual activities are required, to bring all work correctly at the end. About Ultimo software solutions GmbH, Ultimo software solutions is originally a Dutch software company that has its headquarters in dinslaken, Germany, Nordrhein-Westfalen, since beginning of 2012. Since 1988, Ultimo develops leading software tools in the areas of maintenance management, fleet management and facility management. Ultimo software is flexible and can be adapted to special operations. Due to its modular structure, the end software is now used by more than 1,000 companies from diverse industries in the country and abroad. In addition to Ultimo software solutions GmbH offers a comprehensive package of services the delivery of its software tools, to assist the user in the daily use of the software.

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