The Professor

and the waves continued bouncing, obvious, and could not escape .and that energy not be libero friendly, alli siguio, therefore when people opened up the Church, I listened to those waves that were still bouncing there by that they could not leave and obvious assimilated as GHOSTS! (does that they found it that?) The Professor (as an attachment) .it said that if we had the posibilidad.podiamos stay in the pre-university .or in our school, once everyone is outside, and this remains closed…(overnight yes because obviously that’s more fear!) .and we were going to listen, stupid things that sound waves that are transmitted in the school are still bouncing in the night looking for where exit. then hear strange sounds that we atribuiremos them to GHOSTS!(does and so was born the story of the little girl to which auxiliary mato in the bathroom, and why is that the little girl you are out at night and if you get in the bath .te grabs and takes you through the water as in harry potter you understand or not?) I follow when you go at night .caminando happily by the darkness (or did you get to the cemetery at night, both is valid) and suddenly you see a kind of light move at night what most insurance is that you think, Ghost, and begin to spin in circle while you say: I’m going to die, I’m going to die!(you must be the ghost wants to just kill you but scare!)This phenomenon is explained in the following way: Nosotros.como human beings have something called soul, according to Professor of Physics: the soul is energy that we have inside us.(reason for the q live, this energy you llamela as you want…(chakra, nen, zen, ten, ki .to the more naruto, Hunter X y dragon ball) .when die. Cupboards insists that this is the case. that happens with this power?. because releases to the environment until then it can be transformed…(and our body worms eat it) Remember: law of conservation of energy.Energy cannot be created nor destroyed…only transforms then…When you see a suspicious light…think that it is only energy looking for that transform.(if approaching probably absorb that energy and transform into superpowered beings and may do the kame kame ha, the chidori rasengan..)and all those things XD)…So if you see something so do not panic, (nor leave running) because it is only energy.

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